Discount – Circulated Gold

Spot $3,208.76


Draft Prices
 1-9 3,251.39
 10-20 3,248.64
 21+ 3,247.27
Credit Card 
 1-9 3,365.19
 10-20 3,362.35
 21+ 3,360.92


Discount Gold Bars and Coins

Watch this page for information about flash sales. Every now and then we will make a large purchase and rather than sell to our refiner we would like to give better than wholesale deals to our clients. Often they will be larger bars like 2 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, and kilo bars. And Yes once in a while we will even have maple leaf coins at a discount. The best way to be instantly notified is to subscribe to instagram sivlergoldbull or twitter at xxxxx.

These gold bars and coins will be circulated (used) 99.99% fine gold bars and coins which are minted by various renowned mints usually in very, very good condition. 

Often you will receive OUR choice from mints such as:

  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Perth Mint Australia
  • Credit Suisse
  • Johnson Mathey
  • Valcambi
  • Metalor


  • Usually 2 oz or larger


  • Composition: 99.99% pure gold

Bar Authentication:

  • The ONLY bullion dealer in Victoria with a non destructive Specific Gravity tester and XRF testers!
  • We will preform tests with your bar(s) to verify you are indeed receiving pure gold bar or coin.
  • To give you further peace of mind. If you have purchased gold from other sources you can have it tested free of charge.


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