Purchase payments

Cash - If cash purchase are $10,000cad or greater (in 24hrs) by an individual or on the behalf of an individual. We must complete a large cash transaction report as per FINTRAC regulations. FINTRAC is the government agency that monitors Money laundering and Terrorist Financing in Canada. Debit - (In Store Only) Please note that most bank [...]

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What payment methods does ONG issue when buying?

Cash - In store only Cheque - ONG may issue a company cheque for larger purchases. Draft - If same day clearance is needed a draft can be issued. Bank Wire - Payments to any major Canadian institution. Be advised that ONG will deduct the wire fees charged by our bank from the total. You will also be [...]

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How do I know I am receiving authentic bullion?

Authentication - We take buying and selling bullion very seriously. Unlike most banks that have to send out the bullion for authentication we have the very expensive machines in house to verify the purity and weight of bullion items. In fact most other dealers do not invest in the machines listed below. Specific Gravity Tester - [...]

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